What do you think of it?

Discussion in 'When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West - 東山飄' started by negiqboyz, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    I actually think this drama is better than the Gem LIfe. How about ya'll?
  2. Lilant

    Lilant Active Member

    i think it's not bad after watching 2 episodes...Haven't watched Gem of life so coudn't compare. Anyway was wondering...Joe Ma become bad later in the series izzit? (Judging from his character...just guessing..hehe)
  3. honkiebonkie

    honkiebonkie Well-Known Member

    can some1 give me an idea on wot this is about/.
  4. YingYing

    YingYing Well-Known Member

    it was a good start..but finding it boring now..fast forwarded loads of the liza parts..

    honkiebonkie: basically its about a rich family. Right at the beginning it shows Natalie tong giving birth, she plays liza 30 years back. It tells you that she got pregnant before marriage, and although the son belonged to her rich fiance, it was frowned upon to have a baby before marrying so she gives the baby away. Her fiance, who later becomes her husband doesnt know that Natalie was pregnant so doesnt know he has a son. 30 years later, the son grows up to be Joe Ma who had a very bad life. He comes to the city to get away from all the bad things int he countryside, and befriends Charmaine who is a poor girl (she use to be rich, but then her family went bankrupt) and sells congee on a boat for a living. Joe later reunites with Liza, though she tries her best to get rid of him so her husbands family dont find out about him. He doesnt know she's his mother but she knows he is her son. Liza's younger son raymond wong falls for Charmaine, but Liza tries her best to split them up as she thinks that Charmaine is not right for her son.
  5. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken, finally Charmaine ends up with Joe Ma.
  6. moranna

    moranna Well-Known Member

    After watching 6eps of this and Gem, this serie is better, don't like Lisa but it's still more watchable.
  7. elainesen

    elainesen New Member

    what is this drama about? the name of the drama is kinda weird.. bout dong san guys and sei guan girls? huh?
  8. winnz

    winnz Well-Known Member

    i agree that this show is more interesting than gem of life. I was really looking forward to the gem of life before it came out, but the series is so long that it's getting boring. however, this show is getting more and more interesting!
  9. sugarpie

    sugarpie Well-Known Member

    agree gem of life is super boring, its so long and its just draging on and on.. this show is okay so far=)
  10. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    GOL is 80eps. If they don't drag it out there'll be nothing to talk about. Lol.

    I'm beginning to enjoy this series too, though I don't like any, and i mean not even one, of the cast. But the plot seems interesting
  11. jklee369

    jklee369 Well-Known Member

    Agree much better than Gem of life, getting rather interesting lately.
  12. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    I find the plot interesting and addicting. Plus the acting is pretty realistic
  13. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    it's ok.............i can guess what's happening most of the time.
  14. gswl85

    gswl85 Active Member

    its pretty good..
  15. KilaKilaGirl

    KilaKilaGirl Well-Known Member

    this is far better than that of Gem thingy drama. ANyway, this drama is hella good. Thumbs UPPPPPP
  16. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    slightly more interesting than gem, esp. the opening couple of eps. but still finding it a bit boring at times and skipping over loads of parts.
  17. I think this drama was so so when it started.. but as it progress its starts getting interesting and wanting to know what happens next.. not bad,.-^_^
  18. YingYing

    YingYing Well-Known Member

    this is starting to really bore me now..i no longer want to watch it everyday unlike gem of life..
  19. tonkachi

    tonkachi Well-Known Member

    this is much better than watching gem of life. Gem of life is reminding me more and mroe of heart of greed 2: moonlight renesaiance with lei si kai as the mom again
  20. Nnerak

    Nnerak Well-Known Member

    not bad.