What you think of the ending? (Spoiler)

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  1. Valkrezy

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    Okay I watched the ending and therefore I don't like the 4 yrs span at the end. I rather they end the show a bit different. I don't like all the character new hairstyle and everything just to make looks like 4 yrs later.
  2. Nnerak

    Nnerak Well-Known Member

    aw! no ways! you watched the ending already? how?
  3. rdyupah

    rdyupah Well-Known Member

    confused about tavia and moses

    i'm so glad tavia and moses got together at the end...but did i miss something???when did they get together--- or is it just assumed? did i miss a scene that moses admit he likes her????
  4. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    There are hints that something is going on between them, I'm glad Moses didn't die. I'll just wait for the better quality version tomorrow.
  5. hannah666

    hannah666 Well-Known Member

    i read one of the spoiler of ep 40 from somewhere ad they say that tavia going to die or they have alot of ending i really want to know
  6. qpower

    qpower Well-Known Member

    I loved the ending; Best TVB ending in a LOOOOOONG time.

    All the couples in the end were matching and it was all happy happy; definitely worth the 39 episodes of bitchfest, anxiety, and screaming.
  7. Valkrezy

    Valkrezy Well-Known Member

    They changed the script she didn't die
  8. rsx

    rsx Well-Known Member

    The ending was quite satisfactory, with some "forced" scenes/aspects: 1) the transferring of 70% common stock from Michelle Yim to Linda and how Linda drastically turns on her 2) Kate Tsiu suddenly admitting everything out of nowhere for no reason and 3) Linda Chung and Bosco faking the marriage. All three scenes surprised the heck outta me.

    I know each of the mentioned scenes were to make the ending more convenient, but there were truly no logic behind them at all. Why would Kate Tsiu suddenly betray Michelle Yim (when Kate was evil all along)? Why did Bosco and Linda "fake" the marriage and their relationship when in fact, they truly loved each other during episodes 36-39 (and throughout the series)? So, Michelle Yim wins the case and gets 80% ownership of the company, why in the world would she suddenly transfer 70% of the ownership to her DOCTOR daughter who has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about the company? I would understand if Michelle was dying of some disease, but.. to suddenly transfer majority of the ownership is quite bizarre.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the crazy twists and turns in the last episode, but those scenes truly left me asking "why'd he/she do that?!"
  9. x_divinity

    x_divinity Well-Known Member

    That's one thing I like about this series. It not only relates to most people (in terms of family relationships), but it's also inspirational in that it makes you develop your own input and thought into the series.

    From my understanding:
    1) Kate betrayed Michelle because her conscience got her (remember when Hor Ma was at her house, telling her how Sa Yee was so worried that Kate would turn into a bad person? She was already reluctant to continue her bad deeds then, and from Sa Yee almost dying from saving Kate from the car crash, that only supports my guess even more.) Sometimes, facial expressions can tell you a lot :p

    2) Bosco/Linda truly loved each other, but not throughout the entire series. If my memory serves me, around ep. 35-37, Linda tells or implies (whichever, I don't remember) that she only loved Raymond.
    As for the marriage, it'd only make sense so that Michelle would give her the 70% as a gift to Linda for her marriage.

    3) As explained from point 2, but also, when you lose someone you've done so much for just to keep him by your side, it's like you've lost the world. What would be the point in keeping the money to herself? It's been said in the series that Michelle does many things just for her daughter, and in ep. 39/40 Jo Bao also notes that Michelle isn't doing all that crap for money.

    This is only what I've observed, I hope I didn't offend anyone.

    Edit: This is irrelevant, but going back to the original topic...
    The first thing I thought after watching the ending was, "Wow, I've always thought that it was so cheesy and lame whenever they whistled Teresa Tang's song" -- but when the cast sang it at the end, I thought it was a good way to wrap up everything, not to mention very touching."
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  10. angle21

    angle21 Well-Known Member

    i think the script writers kinda ran out of ideas and the ending was a bit rushed, alot of it doesn't make sence, esp the part where ka mei turns good, and jo boa being together with hor ma, i mean the whole story is so unrealistic, if the were back to being good friends then thats more acceptable
  11. elainemomo

    elainemomo Active Member

    i think the ending was a good ending because every couple got together...

    But truely i think the series would be better if there was at least extra 10 episodes...like i mentioned in another post, the last 10 episodes was rushed so badly skipping from one scene to another without even showing the story, TVB just assumed we understand it and they didnt feel important to include the scenes...

    I thought the last two episodes of the series was rather rushed again...

    1. Ka Mei suddenly betrays Hung Yee, probably she regained conscience when her mother saved her from getting hit from the van but i must say her acting is pretty bad, she didnt look the least guilty...

    2. Ka Mei and Ah yuen, are they truely in love, what i mean is i originally thought she was just using him...there was no development of their relationship at all....it was just like in the end try to put everyone with a partner to make it a happy ending...

    3. Ling B and Ah Sum, the thing about fake wedding....thats so sad, in previous ep37, we could see Ling B wanted to get back with Ah Sum...if i was in that situation i would be so upset...in the end there was no mention about in after 4 yrs.

    4. Hung Yee suddenly after 4 years no more anger....since when did she let go of it all...in jail maybe, but we dont see the scenes, so we just have to assume it..

    good first 30 episodes but extremely disappointed with last 10 episodes and although im satisfied with happy ending, the plot could be better written
  12. SanGai

    SanGai Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it was a good ending per se, but it was a very happy ending. And I agree, it did seem very rushed and overall the plot seemed very uneven. It was nice to see Ah Ka and Ah Yuet finally get together, but that relationship definitely needed to be filled out more. I mean around ep. 30, it seemed like the plot was going in that direction, but then further development kinda stopped when Ka Mei and Ah Ka broke up and then the focus was on the court case, but still Ah Ho and Ah Chau's relationship was developed.

    The court scenes really annoyed me, Hung Yi's laywer seemed very unprofessional when he called Hor Ma, "Wu Lui Si" or Ms. Fox. And all that lying? God, I wished someone would have set everything straight. I mean, I thought it was pretty well known that Jo Ba left Hor Ma for Hung Yi back then.

    But even though, I had these hang-ups about the ending, the series, it does feel kinda weird now that it's over - like there's a hole in my life now...or maybe I just need more Moses X Tavia.
  13. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    it's like an old happy ending drama as always.

    glad it's over now.......then I can actually study for SAT..............lol
  14. Billjai

    Billjai Member

    The last episode was awesome. Watch it last night. Its funny how my sister and
    I guesses and predict everything that's gonna happen in that episode correctly lol. Love how everyone get together at the end and Raymond is with linda and mosses with Tavia.
  15. Valkrezy

    Valkrezy Well-Known Member

    i don't think that ka mei turns evil to good is a rush. But certainly there is a rush in the ending last 6 minutes. The 4 yrs span doesn't look original at all, the colors and everyone behavior seems to change.
  16. AznAce88

    AznAce88 Active Member

    It was so good. The ending was not rushed for all you haters.
    1. hung yee turned good because of jo bau talking to her and time to think over most likely.
    2. kate decided to betray hung yee because her conscience gotten to her SHE WAS GOING TO JAIL HER OWN HUSBAND
    3. ah hung gave 70% to linda because she doesnt want the money, only to win and she needed linda to lie to teh cops (WHICH WERE THE FORENSIC HEROES COPS)
    4. linda did not like bosco after he left they were just friends
    5. the 4 year thing was goood, touching good ending
  17. sindee

    sindee Well-Known Member

    i think the ending was great, everyone was happy and paired up with the person they love =] i was so happy when i saw tavia and moses together ;D they even had babies ^^so cute... this series is definitely worth to watch ;D
  18. rsx

    rsx Well-Known Member

    1) I feel that the "Hor Ma" speech wasn't THAT relevant to this issue, as Kate still proceeded in going to court and assisted Michelle Yim in falsifying the whole issue. Though, I slightly agree that Sa Yee saving Kate from being roadkill did somewhat trigger the sudden outburst at the news conference thing, but I felt it was overly exaggerated. She never cared for her mom nor the grandmother, so why did she admit everything? She didn't owe it to anybody nor did she have any sympathy/compassion for anyone. She was deceitful and evil throughout the series and to turn good at the final moment due to one incident is just hard to believe.

    2) She "implied" that she only liked Raymond, but why did she get back together with Bosco in that time being? If she liked Raymond all along, she wouldn't have gotten back together with Bosco. I felt it was needless suspense: it seemed like TVB made these scenes to disappoint the audience (when Linda got back together with Bosco) and then intensely surprise them with a happy ending when they faked the whole thing. I'm just saying it doesn't make sense why Linda and Bosco got back together for the short period.

    3) First of all, in reality, nobody gives huge amounts of ownership of a company as wedding/birthday gifts unless there is a unique circumstance (owner is dying or is too old), it just doesn't happen, especially not in the environment they were in. They were still going to battle for the remaining 20% ownership Jo-Bao owned: Michelle wanted to single-handedly dismantle "Hor Ma" and Jo-bao so they will have no money at all. Thus, how does transferring 70% ownership to Linda help Michelle in that regard? Why would Michelle jeopardize destroying Hor Ma and Jo-bao (her main objective) by handing the company to Linda?!
  19. rsx

    rsx Well-Known Member

    1) Very convenient, especially for the most ruthless villain in this series to just turn good from one "lecture" huh?

    2) She never gave a shit about her "husband" in the first place, so why now?

    3) This is the same flawed logic that I mentioned in my previous post, why the hell would you give your company over to someone just because you don't want the money? How reasonable is that?

    4) No shit, you're just repeating what happened, but why were they together for the last couple of episodes if they didn't like each other?
  20. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, they changed the script so it would be a happier ending for more ratings........ o well