What you think of the ending? (Spoiler)

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    It might had been rushed abit, but you have to use your own wisdom to figure out some of the missing pieces. Some of you people are not paying attention to the smaller details. Those missing pieces are their for us to figure out.

    It really doesn't matter how evil you think someone is, there are limits for each person, a line you just don't cross. If you saw something like that and she offer you a lot of money to cover it up, what would you do? I'm sure a lot of people will have different opinions. If I was in Kate's shoes and did the same thing, knowing all of that and not telling the truth, that guilt will eat you up slowly. And with other events/people around you saying/doing all these things, sooner or later you're going to have mental breakdowns.

    Hung Yee never really cared about the money compared to wanting to cause extreme pain and sorrow to Ho ma's family, she's just pissed that Jo ba and Ho ma seem so happy together. Hung Yee's jealousy went to an extreme hatred toward them, that's way she's not even happy with the 80%.

    It is odd to give Linda 70% so fast, when she have no interest in working there, but it's also because Linda is marrying Bosco, that affected Hung Yee, if it was Ray, she wouldn't had done it. Part of it is to try to make Linda less upset and to keep Linda close to her and not leave, and another reason is to make her daughter lie for her. If you are a mother, chances are, you'll give the best and almost everything to your kids. It's just them 2, mother and daughter, she can't afford to lose her.

    I really didn't pay much attention to the Linda and Bosca relationship around the end.

    This is one reason I like this serie, whatever you saw in the serie, you'll have your own opinion about it, it makes you think of different situations and how you would react or behave if it was you. We all have different opinions about these characters and our input on certain scenes that either make sense or not to us.
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    lol wisdom to figure out the missing pieces? I think the pieces are not deliberately missing, they're just missing because it's rushed. It's the "holes" in TVB plots.

    In regards to the part about Kate, what "guilt" does she have? She's been lying throughout the series and she does not have a bit of sympathy for anybody. Why would she have a mental breakdown from lying now?

    Michelle transferred 70% ownership to Linda so she wouldn't be as upset and for Linda to lie for her? Doesn't make sense. Linda doesn't want the company, why would Michelle need to give her the company to get her to lie and not be upset?

    I think we can all agree that most parents will give everything to their kids, but it's a matter of WHEN. In this case, was it logical to give the company to Linda? It's like transferring all the houses you own and rent out to your kids when your kids want nothing to do with the houses.
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    i think all the relationships throughout the ending was really forced, only tolerable one was ho mah and jo bao....lets see

    linda chung and raymond- i was questioning her change in relationship with raymond at first when i saw her so called conversation with bosco on the phone in the restaurant, but then i truly believed that she is back with bosco, until the marriage then i expected her to turn on her mom, and right there i knew her relationship with bosco was false, it was way too expected. honestly i would rather she go with bosco after they re-introduced their love affair, it was dragging on too long really. as much as i wanted to see raymond and linda after the excruciating bosco/linda part 1. even though it's fake, part 2 really ruined my belief that raymond and linda can work out.

    kate tsui and the brother (yuen)
    - uhhh wtf, kate tsui's character change was really predicted at the moment but it was seriously bad taste, i don't really see her motivation, i would rather see her have a bad fate, and also their relationship was meant to be a joke, i would rather see them split. she's still a hated character for me and i think she got it way to easily and her character's sudden change just suck.

    moses and tavia- omg wtf. i thought they are just gonna let this go, they didn't even have to do this honestly. i thought tavia knew her place after the moses/kate relationship ended. WTF was this. i would've rather seen moses die, that would've been a more appropriate ending. this is 100% wrong, they coulda just left it out and let them be brother+sister..

    michelle yim's character change was actually okay to me but the relationships really ruined the ending. they had wayy too many character and most of them really seemed forced. even though HOG 1's ending was not too conclusive, i prefer that over this one. it just seems like a typical TVB ending, which i do not expect for HOG II. omg the script writers are dumb. and one more comment on michelle i think her ending is pretty acceptable because she never wanted money in the first place, she's was completely lost and she felt she had nothing to lose anymore, i think her daughters betrayal really hit her on the head (well she spent 4 years in confinement that might help lol) and when she cried she basically "died and came back", although they coulda conclude the show one/two episodes earlier that would've been better instead of trying to tie up everything cause they didn't do a good job or like others said add like 20 eps lol, cause theres just too many plots here that seemed half assed. the raymond/linda relationship stood out during the whole show, but it was handled like a side plot towards the end which is lame.
  4. hung yee (michelle) was not evil enough for me... maybe because im comparing her to Suzanna in the first series....and after 4 years she comes out shes all normal and stuff? thats weird. i guess its better than "she turns crazy" ending -lol

    i have mixed feelings of which series is better.. i really liked MR on the first go at it... it was really good then it got really slow. whereas first series started slow then got good towards the end. lets just say i loved both series! the relationships in MR was def better than first one though.
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    The ending changes was bad because it ended in a rush and isn't as good as when the show began.
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    no the relationships in hog were better although the ending with moses and linda were kinda unrealistic to me. all the relationships in mr were forced. but yea the first parts of mr owned hog. and they coulda left out the 4 years later part, coulda ended at the jail with her crying, would've been more appropriate. a happy ending could've been done well, but the mr ending wasn't.
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    I agree, the series started off heaps good and dramatic, then the last few eps is just people becoming good instantly.

    Relationships are just messed up though.

    Fala marries a guy how talks less than Fala
    Moses marries her half-sister?
    Raymond and Linda....sometimes they act like brothers and sisters

    And people don't change that quickly.
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    I know they did kinda rushed it abit but still you have to use some of your wisdom to fill in the missing pieces, it doesn't matter if it's deliberately done or not. You take what they give you and figure it out yourself. It's one reason why so many threads about MR are up. I don't need a show that tells me every single detail, what's the point in that? Some people think a lot is missing while others think it's only a little. I like shows from time to time that leaves certain parts missing for viewers to fill in as long as it's not too much.

    If you never experienced something dramatically similar, you'll never know. You either get it or you don't, but Kate didn't really portrayed certain parts well enough for us to see it.

    Yes, it's odd for the most part, I would had liked it if they took more time to elaborate it more in detail for it to make more senses and yes, it doesn't seem logical since Hung Yee is so cunning, she should had known Linda might have given it back to Jo Ba but this is her daughter, the one person she really trusts, plus if everything is so simple we won't see people in real life do stupid things that should be logical as well.

    I do agree TVB does rush their series sometimes when they shouldn't but if that's the case, we just have to use our brains to figure it out, whether you like it or not.
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    niiice but could have been less cheesy
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    Another letdown by TVB, they can drrrraaaggggggg Bosco and Linda's story for more than 20 episode but on gave Moss and Tavia the last minute of the serie????????
    Typical TVB ending, everyone find their conscience in the last 5 minutes of episode 40 (same as HOG). I really don't see any problem by extending the serie by 5-10 more episodes and make a good finale instead of a rush ending.
    "Looking back in anger" still the best TVB from beginning to ending.
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    I've just finished watch Moonlight, wow.. is a great series..i love tis and also Heart of Greed.. and while watching Moonlight, never take Moonlight to compare wif HOG, cos its totally different series..

    I love the whole series, although while come to almost end, its give me a feel of abit rush, but..its still ok to me..
    and actually there's some area, they did not really explain it quite well... but, its ok ...

    Any way, i love the ending, Ah Ka end up wif Ah Yue, actually at 1st, i will though tat, my attention will put more on
    Dr.Ling , Dr. Yu and Goon Ga Zai, but while watching tis series.. my attention have being pull to Ah Ka & Ah Yue,
    to some area will feel that Dr.Ling, Dr.Yu and Goon Ga Zai triangle love abit bored and abit " Poh Ma ".. and i will feel,
    Goon Ga Zai + Ah Chow, give me a feel more of brother & sisters then a couple... i will feel Dr.Ling + Ah Chow more sweet and
    romance feel ..

    To Ah Ka & Ah Yue, at 1st, i wil think of normal traingle love in between Ah Ka , Ah Yue and Ga Mei, but never wonder..
    b4 Ga Mei appear in episode 22, i already dun wish Ga Mei to appear, cos wil give trouble to Ah Ka & Ah Yue, and my attention will
    kept on wish to see Ah Ka & Ah Yue started their relationship.. they both is sweet , cute and match lo..
    so, while come to the end, luckly Ah Ka did not died... YEAH...

    And, i m happy for the ending on every couple will be together lo..
    ~ Ah Ka + Ah Yue,
    ~ Ga Mei + Ah Yuen
    ~ Jo Bao + Ho Ma
    ~ Ah Ho + Ah Chow
    ~ Sa Yi + Yan Chi

    And in tis series, actually alot of quote its very useful to us now a day..
    ~ To let the man know, when wan to find 2nd wife, better think carefully.. wish so, consider properly cos, the 1 to hurt most is the children
    ~ There is 1 episode, Ho Ma wil scold the children for not respect Jo Bao, although Jo Bao have done wrong on break the family,
    but Ho Ma still teach the children must respect the dad.. i feel tis quote its really good to all of us.

    actually alot more.. in tis series, can see happiness, laughter, funny, cute of Jo Bao wif children,
    sweet and loving of couples, and also hatred , jealousy and anger of Hung , Greedy + lier of Sa Yi & Ga Mei
    so, really alot of different character in tis series for us to see and to let us know..
    At last tis series ended.. and i wish so, in future ,there is series such as this from TVB again..
    not necessary Part 3 of ( HOG a.k. MR ) but something like tis, is great too..

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    Suzzanna kind of over took too much in the beginning. But the ending was acceptable IMO. =)
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    I personally thought the ending was great! I haven't seen such a promising and pleasing ending for a while. I don't know why many of you do not like the ending, but I thought it was a great ending. Tvbs usually have bad endings, but seriously, I have no complaints for MR.
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    The ending for this show is better than the Heart of Greed, at least both Ho Ma and Jo Boa is still alive, and most of the kids end up with they couple and have kid.
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    lol cheesy ending, lol , TVB made it so corny and happy so it could have good ratings, i mean, its so ..... kinda lame, lol,
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    tvb doing it's best to hide the truth of life....they suck. in real life kate tsui's character has a slight chance of being forgiven, but there would be absolutely no chance that ah yuen would love her back. no chance in hell after all that unless he's retarded lol. and that's only one of the examples.
  17. Phil

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    lol, no way that har yu could be so lame either
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    his 4 years later hair make him look like a kid wtf... it's like instead of growing, he go for the younger style lol. thats what on my mind....but dunno bout u phil as u always tend to think differently for the dudes hahaha..
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    lol, he was just lame, lol, it tries to be a happy ending, but wtf, lol , its way too happy sappy,
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    its ok la.. could be better