Which Character is more evil between, Camie and Aunt Red?

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    Both of them are Evil...
    They should be mother n daughter
    but i think that hung yi is more evil
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    Most of the comments here (and this thread itself) goes to show that y'all are basing your posts on your emotions regarding Kate Tsiu's recent actions toward Tavia and NOT on the full series (thus far). Michelle Yim is far more deceptive and evil if you look at this series as a whole.

    What has Kate Tsiu done that's so evil? She purposely threw Tavia's passport away so she can go to Hawaii with Moses, she forges (with her mother) the orphanage letter to prove Tavia's accusation wrong, and finally, she had her mom prank call Tavia saying that Moses got injured so she can have the spotlight at the show. Her objective: to date Moses.

    As for Michelle Yim, she forced an affair with Ha Yu by deliberately taking pills to illude suicide, which eventually broke up the family and the six children, causing grief for everybody. Ultimately, Lee Si Kei's family had to have their August 15th meal on the 16th every year. She made up bullshit in court so they can keep the "Ga Ho Yuet Yoon" brand, she broke Ha Yu's glasses and made his cousin follow him to make sure he doesn't visit the other family. She planned on going to vacation with Ha Yu for two years so that he won't see his family anymore and further prevents him from knowing that his mother is on the brink of death. She purposely fires all of Ha Yu's old time buddies working at the company to discourage Ha Yu from working and is even making deals with her ex-husband to buy more stores at rip-off prices so that the company will go bankrupt. She has even hired her brother-in-law through blackmail as her personal assistant to make all of this happen. Her objective: to break up the family, to keep Ha Yu from visiting and seeing his family, to further worsen everybody within the family, to get revenge (as heard on episode 29 when she spoke to her ex-husband), to take down the company, etc.

    Those are just off the top of my head, but I'm going to stop there because I'm sure there are several more than I've missed. I know that Kate Tsiu's actions may seem more despicable (especially the way she pulled it off), but clearly, Michelle Yim is the more evil one. From TVB's standpoint, Kate Tsiu is just there to prolong the series, make a relationship between the actors happen, and cause more drama as far as I'm concerned. She does not really add to the storyline at all.
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    camie is more selfish because she doesnt care about anyone else apart from herself, thus pushing everyone who was once close to her away. the way she treats her mom is different from how ar hung treats her daughter, i don't think ar hung would deliberately hurt her daughter.
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    i would feel, Ga Mei is the most Evil, her evilness..is inner 1.. everything in her heart and she is clever at tell lies.. her lies plus her innocent faces, let every believe her.. even Ho Ma also fall into her tricks and slap Ah Yue.. aw.. pity Ah Yue..

    Hung's her evil is not as great at Ga Mei, but oso great lo.. her evil is doing thing behind.. but, due to times.. her evilness will appear lo.. haha..

    Sa Yi, she sometimes is evil, but her evilness is all shouted out and sometimes she own self say out w/o her notice.. she's something quite funny .. haha

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    Hung Yi is more evil of the 2 because she is older, has more life experience and knows how to manipulate people, including Camie. She has used Camie too. Camie cannot read people as well and does not have the patience to play l-o-n-g games.
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    Hong Yi is still the mastermind behind everything, Ga Mei is just her pawn. Hong Yi was using Ga Mei to control Ah Yuen even more, but after ep. 35 I think all that went down the crapper.
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    well ka mei play innocent cos she has position to be innocent and hung yee did also play innocent as well otherwise jo biao wouldnt have a family with her. in a long run ka mei might be as evil but at present still hung yee beats her by 70% lol
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    Hung yee have the money, power and years of experience. She's an old fox but Ka mei is like trying to use Hung yee to get what she wants and at the same time she doesn't care about who she hurts along the way. Both are evil witches who don't like to see others happy. Don't forget that moron ex-husband of Hung yee's, god is he stupid or what. What a lame excuse to get involved.
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    I would say Camie.
  10. i think in the end camie will some how back stab hung yee....making her the main villain in this series...lets me honest hung yee is not that evil (as of yet)
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    id say kate tsui because all michelle yim did was try to get her share. but kate lied for like almost everything
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    kate tsui's betrayal of michelle and turning good makes me want to throw up. it was also 100% unbelievable really. oh yea and what happened to her son, since she turned good, why don't she get him back. it's like the kid was forgotten lol. thats what happen when you have too many plots/characters and trying to create happiness for everyone.
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    They are both very evil. Red acts on the power of greed and revenge, Cam just lies and cares for no one but herself
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    Hung yee is Bitch #1, Sa Yee is Bitch #2, and Camie is Bitch #3. When Bitch #1 and Bitch #3 combined their powers, they became SupaBitch!
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    both are evil
  17. hmmmm i need to pay closer attention and decided who is the more evil haha
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    Camie because i hate how her evil plan hurts Tavia
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    aunt red is more evil ......