Who believes in karma?

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  1. [mJ9]

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    I don't believe in Karma,i think it's just fate.Wait it's not the same,is it?
  2. bbgirlsum

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    ^ to me fate is something that is lined up for you (kind of like destiny)
    whereas karma, it's to do what you do and if its good you get good returns, if it's bad you get bad returns..
    god knows that i'm talking about

    but i do believe karma does exist even though it is true that it isto keep people good so they don't get bad karma
  3. fearless_fx

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    i certainly don't, look at Kim Jong Il, the guy has been oppressing his people for years, and he's still livin large with all the babes and an entire country's GDP to play with.

    the whole idea that good begets good and evil begets evil is just a way to keep people's morals in check. It's not necessarily a universal truth.
  4. Xib

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    I don't believe in Karma. Every action triggers a reaction, that I do believe since its only natural. What you do to others may trigger someone/something to do good or bad to yourself but its not a supernatural force called "Karma" that does it.

    If you do good its only natural that most of the people will be reacting with good, doing bad will trigger people to hate you and do bad to yourself. But its not as simple as that, even if you do good people may still do bad to you out of jealousy or simply raw hate if Karma was true then that shouldn't happen right ?
  5. xpenguinx

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    yea. I believe in karma. we reap what we sow.

    AARONBOEYKHG Well-Known Member

    I do but something feels that instant karma is better than it gets you in your next life......for example if we get bad luck cos of past life wrongdoings.....its kinda not fair though
  7. lala_bel_tempo

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    Ying and Yang

    If you do bad deeds, then those who are affected by your bad deeds may

    target you back for the equivalent, lighter or worser deed to you and thus karma

    is created!

    its like saying a group of people who killed a family and spare one child, then

    it is likely he or she will be filled with vengence, if he or she does

    one day come after you then as said karma lol.
  8. yeah there is a lot of similarites BUT the main difference is karma involves next lives etc, where as reaping what you sow just concerns this life as we dont believe in second lives coming back to earth and such, another thing people fail to realise is reaping what you sow has a large spiritual element to it.

    Belive it or not.. the bible shows that the wicked prosper on earth, but at best it will only last a human lifetime.. then he will have an eternity of regret.

    "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life"
    (Galatians 6:7-8).
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    Karma is the Law of the universe...
    hence the metaphore,
    " you reap what you sow"
    "what goes around comes around"..etc.

    the energyof the "evil" or Negitive intension and power "good" positive enrgy in our choices, are a major everyday factor that we all tend to overlook.
    If we could all just focus the intent of our choice to love, the reactions will be apperant-rockon
    God bless
  10. dexterops

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    Karma... I do believe, it is to keep our lives in check.
  11. aznxtonyx

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    Karma to me it feels like maybe something that you done in the past life and maybe in the past life you were not able to pay it off and you will have to continue to pay it off if not in this life time even the next till you pay it off
  12. amazze

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    I believe in Karma.

    Take a ball and stand a few feet away from the wall. Now throw the ball towards the wall and it will bounce back to you. The harder you throw the harder it comes back at you.
    That's how i would like to describe Karma.

    What you do bad to others might no come back at you soon, or it might transferred it to hurt you loved one for you to see or it will snowball into something bigger.......at the end, it always comes back to you.

    Yes life is never fair......some are rich some poor.....some tall some short.....some beautiful some less beautiful... some smart some less smart.

    But if the ocean has no high tide and low tide and the water calm all the time, nothing will be living and stale.

    I will always try to be a responsible person and try my best to do the right things but as a human being i am not perfect nor am i an angel.

    So there....my 2cents worth words about KARMA!!!!
  13. NarutoSensei

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    i think karma is 1 sided :p u do bad things u get bad things, u do good things u still get bad things -.-
  14. WeakNiZ

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    What comes around goes around. Then how come the poor hardworking immigrants end up from where they started?
  15. jmnl

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    karma, a way to express bad and good fortune
  16. patunicity

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    some people think it is karma some just think it is their luck
  17. skong125

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    Some people believe that the Karma doesnt just accommodate for this life but all the other lives you have possibly lived (if you believe in life after death) so just cause this life you were hard working and do good, doesnt prove that the previous life you were the same... it could be karma trying to balance the wrongs you did in them previous lives... at least thats what i think too...
  18. gamuza

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    good deeds are always nice
  19. shiyi

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    Karma is real and I do very much believe in it.
  20. BaKaHeRo

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    i believe in karma but sometimes i think it's just a coincidence