Who ends up with who?

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  1. goddess

    goddess Well-Known Member

    I wonder how this drama will end? Very interesting to see the pairings at the end as it seems extremely complicated.
    I would want to see Raymond and Linda be together. Moses and Trivia ends up together too.
  2. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    its not really confusing if you look at it
    moses with tavia raymond with linda ah yuen with kate susanna with the fat guy that used to be uncle on HOG jo ba with ho ma
    .. then the end happy ending
  3. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    yeah, well, i don't understand why Chris Lai will end up with Kate Tsui...they're cousins!!! ewwhA
  4. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    watch the intro carefully like what i did ... and u will understand ..... any way thats why in the end this series is sorta incest .......
  5. asiangang

    asiangang Well-Known Member

    how bout Bosco? lol, no1?:(
  6. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    emm i think bosco will be all alone in this drama FOREVER MWHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. asiangang

    asiangang Well-Known Member

    hahahhaa, NOOOOO!!!!! lolXD hes gonna be some loner...is he in any relationship triangles or anything? lol
  8. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    bosco should be with myolie. why didn't they add myolie?
  9. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    adding myolie will make the serie very bad..... cuz i dun like her xD

    anyway i heard bosco is a doctor ? :O
  10. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    he shud be because linda is working as a docter .. like when she was a layer from number one and so was raymond
  11. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Bosco is Linda' superior at work (i.e. doctors). There's going to be a love triangle between Linda, Bosco, and Raymond.

    I was also confused that there was going to be a love triangle between Moses, Kate and Tavia. I was like how can Moses and Kate be together since they are first cousins. Now you guys are saying that Kate will end up with Chris which is still the same result, cousin x cousin = incest.
  12. arthur_z27

    arthur_z27 Member


    myolie is bad
  13. jeslyn19

    jeslyn19 New Member

    YEs... myolie definitely shld not be in the series!!!
    tavia and moses can be together.. since tavia is not hor ma's daughter...

    YAh.... how can cousins be together???!! omg!!
  14. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    ok ... this is what my friends mum*shes like really chinese* she told me that cousin and cousin can be together but not the eldest .. so i thought to my self what the f*ck thats still incest and she says no its not like kate for instance goes out with chris .. and thats alright because chris is the second youngest son so he can go out with his mothers sisters daughter but not moses cause moses is the eldest ... and i was like wtf that messed up and then she said step and step can go out as long as they both have not same blood and genes .. so that crosses of linda and raymond .. tavia = adopted soo her and moses doesn't matter .... then suddenly from no where shes says oh yh ur bwu mui is really pretty u should marry her and i was like nooooo thats f*cked up and it incest and she once again said its not and its like chris and Kate's situation ......weird chinese relation ships ... like u can go out with ur bwu mui and dai gor and watever relation ... SOOO MESSED UP
  15. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    sry for double posting but look at the pic ............. im really confused why chinese people think its ok ...its srtill incest ....OMG

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  16. itsm3k

    itsm3k Member

    haha thats soo weird still but i guess its cause back then chinese people only cared about the eldest son.
  17. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    hm.. i guess fala will end up with her boss (that guy wif the sunglasses)
  18. giraffe

    giraffe Active Member

    It'll probably be revealed that Kate Tsui isn't really Sa Yee's daughter or something (like maybe she's the illegitimate daughter of her ex and another woman or maybe she couldn't have kids of her own, hence also adopted but don't want anyone to know). I agree with another poster that the writers of this show was a little lazy in constructing the relationships of these characters. Why do they all have to like the people among their own families (even if they are step or adopted).
  19. aniking_7

    aniking_7 Well-Known Member

    Well for Chinese is ok for someone to be with a cousin of his/her mother side but not his father side b/c those cousins are like siblings so that's incest only.
  20. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    i dont find that too suprising cuz cousin relationships are very normal. As long as they dont share the same last name, fathers are not brothers then to them its ok...

    i actually asked my mom too about this and she was like traditional parents like to make things tighter. Thats why back in the ancient days people would match their children up with relatives, its to tie up family relationships and status...

    but then again its a modern movie, so its really up to what the series have to explain to us =\