Who's on HOG but not on MR

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  1. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    ok ive realized that mung ka wai's aka yoyo mung not on MR... i luved her char on HOG i wonder why she not on this one.. who eles not on this but on HOG
  2. KT

    KT H E L L O K T ♥

    I believe she's the only one? Oh but maybe if you count Tavia's character in HOG's family members.. don't know if they'll do some guest appearance though.
    Yoyo was kicked off the show because the viewers hated her or something. lol at least thats what I read when they were planning to film a second one. I could really care less, never really was a fan of her.
  3. yoyo not in because she stole raymond from linda in HOG1 :(
  4. sir_denster

    sir_denster Well-Known Member

    i thought yoyo was replaced by kate tsui?

    the in-laws from hog1 aren't there..."chun gaah." i kinda miss them running around causing trouble, but i guess lee heung kam is enough.
  5. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    lmao why would yoyo be kicked out just because she stole raymond form linda?? hhahah
  6. ray89

    ray89 Well-Known Member

    yoyo got kicked cuz the audiance didnt like her in the first one for stealing raymond also the producers and ppl didnt like her cuz her habbits during filming cuz shes always on the phone, late, lazy, and stuff (reports say due to BF) it was reported during the filming of FH2 and ppl didnt like her bullying jackie jai in that other series with bobby.... dont u ppl ever read these things its posted daily
  7. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon Well-Known Member

    That's pretty much what I thought about Yoyo, hence she was on hiatus in FH2 for about 5-6 episodes. And no, I don't read these things every day I just read up on some actors for the shows I watch.
  8. michelle7879

    michelle7879 Well-Known Member

    Yo Yo Mung lo.. she is the only 1 tat not in MR... but, to me.. if can,i rather see her Yoyo ,then Kate lo.. cos, if we put Yoyo as in between of Moses + Tavia, oso not bad ma.. haha.. but, may b, if need YoYo married wif Chris Lai.. abit weird, haha..cos Yoyo looks more older... any way, now just wait to see , hows Kate hold her role as a trouble maker just same as her mum SA YI lo..wish, she wont dissapointed me..
  9. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, its pretty stupid, she goes off, coz audience votes her off, lol all she did was steal a BF, big Deal, lol
  10. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    lol oh well guess she's a bitch in real life if she doesn't appear in any series from now on ...thb when i read that she was bullying that lil kid while filming that fathers in law or summint i hated her ... .. wat was it called now...i think "ba ba tse chan " ... cant member