Would you rather date & marry one person only or date many and marry one? continued

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    Ah how sweet a public declaration. -bigsmile jk jk
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    Sweet is not exactly how I think master_G -sweat would feel about this... -evil
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    Guess he'll be: " WHAT, BR likes me?; guess those arguments did pay off!" -coolio
  4. omg. now im jealous.

    LOL hahahhahaha
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    ^Say something 'cool' and i may quote you too, Dann... -devil
  6. good on ya, smoking is bad

    nah i drink no alcohol at all.

    i commend you. thats really good.
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    ^ MG, what do you make of the public declaration from BR to you? ;)
  8. LOL mtl boy really trying to turn the heat on hahaha
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    Okay, so no DRINKING alcohol. How about usage of alcohol/liquor in desserts? Cooking in general? Because some Chinese do use rice wine to season their meat and make it more tender... They are consumption of alcohol still...

    And I thought there's the story about taking in Christ's blood and flesh in the form of wine and bread... Guess I remember wrong -whistle
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    -ann Can't help but to think of cannibals.
  11. hiake, there are different types of wine, non-alcoholic and alcoholic. the bible refers to non-alholic when it says wine and refers to alcoholic when its says "strong drink". as you said about the foods, that is true, i try to avoid it as much as possible. i also dont condemn people who drink alcohol but i have no respect for those who get drunk or are addicted to alcohol in any way.

    As for the bread and wine

    "In John 6:51-59 Jesus is speaking figuratively. He never intended that they eat His flesh or drink His blood in the literal sense, but that they "partake" of His death in order to gain life. He had made the transition from literal to figurative when He compared Himself to the manna their forefathers had eaten in the desert in verses 48-49. The manna had sustained their forefathers' temporal lives, but He would sustain their eternal lives. In the literal sense all of His followers died, just as those in the wilderness had, so He had to be speaking figuratively."
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  12. back on topic.

    me = lots of women lots of sex, lots of fun.

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    I would date many women, and marry only one.

    You will never meet every woman in the world.

    Even if things don't work out, we still had fun! I may not be the one she'll be with forever. But I will be the one she will remember.
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    When I first read the title to this topic, it did make me think before I should type up and post my response. My answer could be contradictory....as I see the benefits from both sides. If I were to date many and then marry one, I would have the practical experience and pray that the one that I marry will last. But on the other hand, if I date and marry that one special person, he might actually be all that I'm looking for.

    Since, I have not been on the "playing field" yet, I would choose Date and Marry one. I want that special someone to be my one and only. And hope that I am his one and only as well.
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    hopefully date one and marry that one