WTH is wrong with that high class store ""Aritzia"" or how ever the hell u spell it..

Discussion in 'The Rant Section' started by PhY pHy, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. PhY pHy

    PhY pHy Well-Known Member

    No its just the fact that ARITZIA thinks that they are better than other stores...
  2. lee-lee

    lee-lee Well-Known Member

    oh phy phy, doesn't reality suck soooo much? there really isn't anything to say that will make u feel better. this ideal doesn't really just pertain to Aritzia only. in fashion, especially the more pricey ones, follows this.
    i'll ban wearing my clothes from there for a week to make u feel better okay?
  3. reno

    reno Well-Known Member

    i don't think they think they are... they believe they or say they ARE! lol

    it's like i know a ferrari would be better than my current car... lol
    i want one alreadyyyy >.<

    damn paul smith stuff... so pricey here too =(
  4. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    I would just say I am not surprised. Almost all retail stores look for staffs who "fits their image". Same goes for A&F, Gap, H&M, Lululemon and the list goes on. The more the store relies on younger customers, the more selective they are with their "image", because teens are more prone to peer pressure and media influence.
  5. PhY pHy

    PhY pHy Well-Known Member

    I guess....^^^ but it justs pisses me off...lol..
    Awe...LEE-LEE...u dunt have to not wear their
    clothes...lol...im just saying i just dunt really like
    how they take in sales...lol...
  6. jnny

    jnny Well-Known Member

    Then don't work for Aritzia...
    there are better places than that place to work
  7. wind2000

    wind2000 Self Schemata

    arent all high class stores the same? ;)

  8. hahah one time my boy kdotc actually has a point..

    i mean how many hot girls you see bagging groceries and how many ugly girls you see as waitresses..
  9. don

    don ello

    i don't think it's always the case since i saw some pretty nasty girls working at aritzia......some company prefer hiring people with no or minimum work experience because they are usually the ones that are more eager to learn but yeah it's not that surprising that they would hire friend A over friend B as kdotc said already that people like pretty things to look at and gets attracted by it